Our audit professionals understand that our foremost responsibility is to serve the public interest through integrity, professionalism and high-performance. Quality is the cornerstone of all we do; it is the foundation upon which our firm was built and the very essence of our audit practice.

We transform our pledge to audit quality into action through our dedication to objectivity and independence, transparent and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and investments in our people and the tools and resources that support their work.

We believe audit is more than an obligation for our clients. It’s an opportunity to see further and deeper into their businesses. An audit is a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise—providing insight that can inform future aspirations.

auditing, financial and reporting challenges

It’s not just about guidance. It’s about where your business is going. Standards setters have never been more active—and the scope of ongoing accounting change is unprecedented. Even without a move to IFRS in the US near-term, accounting guidance is forecasted to undergo unprecedented change in the next few years.

Companies that act with integrity in addressing fraud, bribery and corruption have an advantage with real business benefits. To that end, we help companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct and measure the financial implications of disputes.

Economic conditions generally improved during the past year, but uncertainties still remain. The world is demanding greater corporate transparency. Investors want access to more accurate and relevant information about companies, transactions, markets and risks.

In the face of mounting pressure to be transparent, an increasing number of organizations are choosing to report on sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR). Sustainability reports help internal and external stakeholders understand how well the organization adheres to the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social and economic performance.

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JP Banka & Co., really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

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